Below is a full list of all Briefings produced by Creative Lives

Many are available to download here. Some of the older Briefings have been merged into newer ones (or even retired!) as the information and guidance has been updated. If there is a particular Briefing you would like access to and it isn't on our website, you can always request a PDF copy by emailing: [email protected]

9 Feasibility Studies
10 Access – Good Access Makes Life Easier for Everyone
11 Get Into Print – Working With the Press
12 Raising Funds Locally
13 Planning a Marketing Campaign
14 Writing Words that Work
15 Strategic Planning
18 Equal Opportunities
19 Designing and Producing Your Newsletter
20 Applying to Trust Funds
21 Making Committees Work for You
22 Getting Charitable Status
23 Incorporation
24 Increasing and Maintaining Your Membership
25 Evaluation – How Was it for You?
26 Who Me, A Treasurer?  Financial Responsibilities and Duties
27 Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Statistics for Arts Participation
28 Eventful Planning – A Practical Checklist for Arts Events
32 So, What’s So Great About the Voluntary Arts?  50 Points to make to Policy Makers & Funders
33 Putting the Voluntary Arts on the Agenda  (devolution)
40 New Deal
41 Lottery Funding
42 Culture Makes Communities (ground-breaking speech by Francois Matarasso)
43 Active Communities – voluntary arts doing it already
44 Disability Discrimination Act Part III – how will this affect arts organisations?
45 How to create an Equal Opportunities Policy
46 Data Protection Act 1998
47 Taking on paid staff – How do we do it? – I. Recruitment
48 Taking on paid staff – How do we do it? – II. Selection & Induction
49 Make change work for you
50 Action Learning - an introduction
51 How do we deal with goods and services – 1: Acquiring Goods and Services
52 How do we deal with goods and services – 2: Accounting for Goods & Services
53 Creating Clear Print - reaching the blind and partially sighted
54 Gift Aid - making subscriptions go even further
55 Constitutions Clarified
56 Telephone conferences - Networking made easy
57 Effective Management Committees
58 Participatory Planning - Involving your stakeholders
59 Value and Values in the voluntary arts - by Francois Matarasso
60 'Statement of Purpose' - your mission
61 Just how safe are you? Health and Safety for voluntary arts organisations
62 Local Strategic Partnerships improving quality of life
63 Recruit - one of 4 briefings on volunteering to celebrate voluntary artists and Volunteers Week
64 Retain - one of 4 briefings on volunteering to celebrate voluntary artists and Volunteers Week
65 Reward - one of 4 briefings on volunteering to celebrate voluntary artists and Volunteers Week
66 Recognition–one of 4 briefings on volunteering to celebrate vol’ artists & Volunteers Week
67 Risk assessment for event organisers – a beginners guide
68 Organising a weekend event
69 Charity Trustees – what do they do? Part I – An Overview
70 Charity Trustees – what do they do? Part II: managerial, legal & financial roles & responsibilities
71 Help! I’ve been invaded! How to deal with computer viruses
72 Risk management for charities
73 Writing for the Web
74 Publicity Explained
75 Getting Started Marketing
76 Guide to Good Design
77 How to write a press release
78 Creating a Financial Risk Policy
79 Licensing Act 2003
80 Monitoring & evaluation
81 Effective Meetings
82 Child Protection: Part I - An Introductory Guide
83 Child Protection: Part II - Putting Child Protection into Practice
84 Artists in Hospitals: Guidelines for the Voluntary Arts
85 Taking the Voluntary Arts into Education
86 Making your website for everyone
87 Applying to trust funds
88 Glossary of Accounting and Financial Terms
89 Cashflow Forecasts
90 Young Adults & Voluntary Arts
91 How to Write a Successful Funding Application
92 Computerised Accounting Packages
93 Displays and Exhibitions for Voluntary Arts Organisations
94 Cultural Diversity and the Voluntary Arts
95 Big Lottery Fund, 2006-2009
96 Networking; not just nattering
97 What do I need to know about Copyright?
98 Consultation – making it work for you
99 Lobbying politicians and policy makers: an introduction to influencing
100 Lets Celebrate! Recognising and rewarding our worth
101 What's happening with the Licensing Act 2003?
102 Accounting for Worth
103 Health and Safety in Offices - Electrical Equipment
104 Older People and the Voluntary Arts
105 Health and Safety in Offices - Fire Safety
106 Community Interest Companies
107 Annual Reports
108 Health and Safety in Offices – Assessing the Risk
109 Child Protection Part III – An Update
110 Whose Board? Whose Agenda? Including disabled and deaf people in your management committees
111 How inclusive are you? A checklist for voluntary arts groups
112 Why should I become a trustee?
113 Welcoming people with a learning disability
114 The latest developments in web technology
115 Attracting business sponsors
116 Trustees and fundraising
117 Social enterprise
118 Insurance for voluntary arts groups
119 Useful information and contacts for setting up and running a voluntary arts group
120 Voluntary and community sector jargon
121 Incorporation and the latest developments in company law
122 Reaching out to new audiences
123 Free and low-cost IT tools
124 How to make sure your group is still here in ten years’ time
124X Making your group even more environmentally-friendly
125 Fostering a long-term relationship with occasional volunteers
126 Engaging with freelancers
127 Working with groups of other art and craft forms
127X Understanding and creating accessible PDFs
128 Events checklist – disability and access
129 Taking the next step – from informal group to registered organisation
130 Developing European links and opportunities
131 Community Benefit - measuring the impact of arts and crafts activity
132 Child Protection Part IV – Children and vulnerable groups + 132x Child Protection and Garda Vetting
133 Putting your arts or crafts group on the map – ten ways to get noticed
134 Welcoming speakers of different languages
135 Gift Aid and tax effective giving
136 Getting charitable status - an update
137 Making the most of your telephone
138 Welcoming newcomers to your group
139 Making the most of Corporate Social Responsibility
140 Community media as a platform for the voluntary arts and crafts
141 Finding a venue – some new ideas
142 Commissioning – an opportunity for the voluntary arts?
143 Creating a Facebook Presence
144 Health and safety for lone and remote workers
145 The future of cheques
145x Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (Scotland)
146 Crisis management and disaster recovery
147 Creating a YouTube presence
148 Creating a Twitter presence
149 Making your performances accessible to people with hearing and sight loss
150 Crowdfunding for voluntary arts and crafts groups
151 Using photography
152 Micro-volunteering
153 Nominating for honours
154 SEO: Getting your website noticed
155 Handling complaints
156 How to promote your group on Clubbz
157 Child Protection Part V
158 How to get involved in the Voluntary Arts Festival
159 Online Gift Aid
160 Charitable Incorporated Organisations
161 Equality and diversity
162 How to enter the Epic Awards
163 National Funding Scheme
164 Social media in policy and practice
165 Using copyright music
166 Pensions auto-enrolment
167 Applying to trust funds
167x Ways to engage the Scottish Parliament
168 Creating engaging content for social media
169 Making committees work for you
170 Who Me, A Treasurer?
171 Sharing Your Creative Skills
172 Breaking Down Barriers to participation
173 GDPR: Data Protection
174 Get Creative Festival toolkit