Eco SavvyWe talk to Eco Savvy, one of the partners in Arran Woollen Woods in 2015.

What is Eco Savvy?

Eco Savvy was founded when a need was identified for an environmental group to work towards Zero Waste on the Isle of Arran. Our aim is to work collectively towards a more sustainable lifestyle, coordinating environmental projects with maximum benefit for our community.

How can people get involved?

Our hub is the Eco Savvy Community Shop located on the island and run by volunteers. We are always looking for new like minded members of our group and welcome new volunteers to help in the shop, run workshops & help develop the project.

We have run many different workshops where a fantastic range of upcycling techniques have been passed on and anyone is welcome to come along to any of our events and take part for free. Everyone over the age of 16 is able to become a member of Arran Eco Savvy and can get involved with the different aspects of our project.

Eco savvy volunteers have also worked with local school groups to run upcycle projects.

Eco SavvyWhat is Eco Savvy working on at the moment?

Arran Eco Savvy has just hosted a Creative Upcycled Production. The show was created entirely by volunteers who crafted each costume and prop from unwanted items. Workshops were run all last summer where local volunteers met regularly to design and create this fabulous show. The set was dressed with entirely upcycled, unwanted and lovingly restored things that were donated through our shop and collected by the 'Creative Team'. The script was written by one of our volunteers and was a collision of Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. A huge cast of all ages performed to a packed village hall.

What is your most memorable upcycling project/workshop?

Last autumn we held our first Zero Waste Week Arran. The response from the community was over whelming. Young and old contributed to a week long programme of challenges, competitions and events. The local primary children created 'Rubbish Monsters' from recycled items and the results were truly amazing. Their imaginations ran riot and we were inundated with monsters big and small, made from a crazy selection of things that would have gone in the recycle bins.

Where do you get your upcycling inspiration from?

Ideas and inspirations flow from our collaboration and collective goal of finding good uses for unwanted and damaged things our community shop collects. Many of our volunteers have been upcycling all their lives and have skills and ideas in abundance, when we come together as a group this energy just grows. Inspiration comes from our membership of over 400 people and the local community - we hold forum meetings where anyone is welcome and the projects we take on are decided there.

Eco SavvyHave you got any upcoming events / workshops / opportunities?

We are currently working on finding a final use for the items created for the 'Arran Woollen Woods', that many local groups including Eco Savvy took part in last year. From squirrels to spiders, flowers to owls, these beautifully crafted woollen creatures have lived in the woodland and castle gardens on Arran and are now looking of their forever homes. We are planning a display in our shop for the ones that have not been collected by their owners along with a series of workshops where the woollen creatures and flowers can be upcycled and a new uses can be found for them.

Keep in touch

Information about Eco Savvy events and how to get involved can be found at and on the Eco Savvy Facebook page.

To get in touch, contact [email protected] or pop into the shop.

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