A new series of worksheets and prompts for people who want to try their hand at a creative activity.

Unearthing Creativity is a collaborative project being delivered by artists Marion Cheung, Naz Syed, Creative Lives, and Age Cymru, and is supported by the Arts Council of Wales, as part of the Connect & Flourish programme.

One strand of the project is to develop Gateways into creative activity

Below is a series of worksheets, videos and prompts for anyone who would like to have a go at a new artistic activity, or maybe rekindle a dormant creative interest. 

They are also appropriate for existing creative groups who may want ideas and inspiration for their meetings. 

If you try any of the Gateways, please feel free to share your creations with us, as well as your feedback. Contact Gareth Coles on [email protected]

1. Poetry writing prompts 

Two writing prompts from the poet Jonathan Edwards are available here. (Worksheets and videos) 

2. Paper landscapes

A short, calming activity that involves creating a landscape from pieces of scrap paper, then adding a light source. Download worksheet (PDF). 

"This was a very interesting activity, with unexpected results."
"It was interesting how the angle and distance of the light totally changed the effect. Very satisfying task. It’s weird to think that these pictures only existed temporarily."
"A really interesting idea and exciting to see what emerged as more bits of paper were added."

3. Line One 

A simple drawing activity which can be completed on your own or with others. Download worksheet (PDF). 

4. Creative Walking 

An activity to generate new creative ideas inspired by your environment. Download worksheet (PDF). 

Read about Marion's experience of creative walking here

5. Printing at home with found materials 

A simple method for creating home-made prints. Download worksheet (PDF). 

6. Word-play, poetry and paint

Play with words and turn them into a unique artwork. Download worksheet (PDF). 

7. Creative Constraints 

A series of suggestions for short drawing exercises that use constraints to help focus your creativity. Download worksheet (PDF). 

8. Watercolour basics 

Get started with watercolour painting with an emphasis on play and experimentation. Download worksheet (PDF). 

"I was very reticent about trying watercolour - but now I'm hooked!"
"I really enjoyed this activity, 
and it was fun to have the freedom to experiment."

9. Inky splats

Get your imagination going! Invent a scene from looking at indistinct marks and random patterns that you make by applying paint or ink to paper. Download worksheet (PDF) 

"This has got parts of my brain working that weren’t working before!"

Listen to the audio description of this activity (5mins - MP3)

10. Busy 'doing nothing'

A strategy to gain clarity and stop the overwhelm. Particularly useful when switching from admin tasks to creative time. Download worksheet (PDF) 

Listen to the audio description of this activity (5mins - MP3)

11. A space to call your own

Set up the conditions to get creative. Download worksheet (PDF) 

Listen to the audio description of this activity (3mins - MP3)

12. Sensory worlds 

Unlock your creativity to unearth a new language of marks! Download worksheet (PDF) 

13. Capturing treasures

Unusual objects collected from your immediate environment can become starting points for creativity and imagination. Download worksheet (PDF) 

14. Ink printing 

A simple method of creating prints with black ink. Download worksheet (PDF)

"That was really surprising and fun!"
"It's a great technique to explore what different inks and paper can do."

Creativity Map

If you've been inspired to make creative activity a regular part of your life, you could try looking for a local group on our Creativity Map

We are extremely grateful to the Arts Council of Wales for their support for this project.