Give your odd socks new lease of life and create your own hungry caterpillar. 

In this video, Naz Syed demonstrates how to make a sock caterpillar. 

Materials you will need:

  • A sock (depending what you have at home there are a variety of materials you can use)
  • Stuffing (e.g. cotton wool balls, old fabric or socks, pillow stuffing)
  • Something to tie it with (e.g. string, hair bands, elastic bands)
  • Something for the eyes (e.g. buttons, fabric, pen or googly eyes) 
  • Antenna (e.g. pipe cleaner or garden wire) 
  • Something to decorate (e.g. fabric, pom poms)

Part of our Gateways into Creative Activity: a series of worksheets, videos and prompts for anyone who would like to have a go at a new artistic activity, or maybe rekindle a dormant creative interest, developed by Marion Cheung, Naz Syed, Creative Lives and Age Cymru, as part of the Unearthing Creativity project.

We are extremely grateful to the Arts Council of Wales for their support for this project.