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Derry Halloween Carnival Celebrations are renowned worldwide. Created by the people of the City over 30 years ago, the festival continues to enjoy mass support from local people, arts, cultural, business and tourism initiatives from across the district.

The home-grown festival includes the annual Halloween Carnival Parade delivered by a number community arts groups who also lead an extensive carnival arts skills development and creation programme.

The Carnival Parade is led by the community involvement and brings together 600 cross community participants from 30 different theatre, dance, music, schools, colleges and community groups for the Carnival Parade.

The Halloween Carnival Parade has grown year on year bringing 30,000 people onto the street to witness the parade attracting audiences from all community backgrounds and encouraging creative community expression combined with high quality production values to create a spectacle which has wide audience appeal.

As the Parade has grown so has the ways of delivering the parade. Community groups have focused on upskilling local artist and volunteers so that large props, inflatables and pageant pieces can be created locally.

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