Here are selection of craft activities that are affordable and accessible for self-led craft groups, and for venues and community hubs that want to encourage creativity in their venues.

These recommendations concentrate on craft activities that can be done using very basic materials and equipment or better still with recycled, reclaimed and reused materials.  Where possible these links take you to PDFs that you can download and print out so that the activity can be done offline.  However, this isn't always possible so sometimes the instructions can only be found online or you may need to register to download the PDFs.

Crafts Council Craft Club

Knitted Jewellery with Black Girl Knit Club (PDF download), a collective that aims to bring together and celebrate women of colour, whilst sharing their knitting knowledge.  In this step-by-step guide, BGKC show you how you can knit your own bracelet as well as a necklace for expert knitters!

Natural Dyeing with Claire Wellesley-Smith (PDF download) who is an artist and writer. She has developed community dye gardens in Yorkshire and Lancashire for projects that explore wellbeing and heritage. This tutorial shows how kitchen waste can be used to add colour to cloth and thread.

Cardboard Automata Tinkering Studio (PDF download) - a creative, playful way make a mechanical sculpture while exploring simple machine elements such as cams, levers, and linkages. Introduces the basics of building automata, but you can take your piece much further and make it as complex and colourful as you like!

The Spruce Crafts

How to Make Yarn Pom-Poms with Mollie JohansonPom-poms add a fun pop of color and texture to knitting projects and other fun crafts. They're easy to make and you don't need any special tools or supplies. Making your own pom-poms is helpful because you can match the yarn to your project. It's also a good way to use leftover yardage.

Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns with Amy Solovay - Scrap yarn crochet projects are perfect for so many reasons. You get to use up that leftover yarn so that nothing goes to waste. The projects are often colorful thanks to the variety of yarn that you'll use, which, of course, makes them eye-catching.

Origami Flapping Bird Tutorial with Chrissy Pushkin - Learn how to make a cool origami bird with flapping wings! Looks similar to an origami crane, makes a great party trick.

How to Fold an Origami Heart Bookmark with Dana Hinders, who is an origami expert and writer who shares her knowledge on mastering the art of origami. She has over 15 years of experience creating origami greeting cards, envelopes, gift boxes, and holiday decorations.