Marie McInnes, Community Engagement Officer at North Glasgow Community Food Initiative, tells us all about one of their groups - Writers Ink - and how it benefitted from one of Creative Lives' Keep on Creating microgrants . . .

"Writers Ink is a group of writers who meet every Thursday at the Food Hub. They all have different styles - some write stories, some poetry - and the styles vary from humorous to deep and heartfelt.

Members benefit from the group because everyone learns from each other, and people have formed friendships through like-minded interests. It helps their health and mental well-being by mixing together, and everyone is developing their confidence through sharing work and receiving feedback from each other. Not only in the group but by performing at open mic nights. They welcome new people to join the group.

Writers Ink applied to Creative Lives for funding so they could self-publish their own book as well as work on a group collaboration. The intention is to take this to the open night mic nights, read and promote it, and where possible sell it to raise funds to help fund future projects.

Without the funding, the group would never have been able to do this and we feel very grateful and optimistic for their future as writers. Writers Ink is looking forward to gaining more members and helping and supporting others. Thank you Creative Lives for helping us make this happen."