WonderbrassEstablished in 1992 as a streetband workshop in the South Wales Valleys, Wonderbrass has evolved into a vibrant community jazz big band. From a starting membership of 12, the band has grown to 25-35 performers of all ages and over its 32-year history has provided a creative outlet to hundreds of amateur and semi-professional musicians from all ages and all walks of life.

Beyond musical development, Wonderbrass cultivates a strong sense of community, its 'wonder-family', through which members forge lasting connections and identities within the band. 

“We have learned through experience and research that our activities make a huge contribution to the well-being of our members and audiences and are exploring ways to develop this area of participatory music-making,” says Hannah O’Mahoney. 

“We like to involve audiences in our performances and try to make our shows inclusive, celebratory and accessible. Playing with and seeing Wonderbrass is incredibly good fun, in a genuinely life-affirming and enriching way, and the collective joy we feel, when we play and dance and create together, makes it all worthwhile.”

You can find out more via their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram and YouTube.

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