Based in Glasgow, We Make The Path worked in partnership with Recovery Training & Consultancy to create a programme of peer-led creative activities including drama, writing, performance, poetry and art. The aim was to help people express themselves, re-imagine their stories, increase optimism and make connections.

During the project, 15 Black, Asian and Arab women attended weekly sessions over ten months. With support, this resulted in participants collectively curating a public performance and delivering their pieces at a showcase at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. 

“The workshops began on Zoom and at the start of the sessions, some women wouldn’t speak or even turn on their camera. Through the power of peer-led creative activities, eight of them went on to perform in front of an audience for the very first time.” Leila Talmadge, We Make The Path

“I feel I now have new things in my life and more confidence. Reading my poem to others is huge for me. I was always so shy. Now I feel I have the confidence to do this and more.” – Participant.

“When I came here I was alone, but then I joined this group of women who have walked the same path, and I realised I can share my feelings with them.” – Participant.

“The Asylum System . . . things became very difficult for us. But I will take away from this that people believe in me and I believe in myself. I need to keep going.” – Participant.

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