Urban Circle first started life as Urban Circle Radio, based in Pillgwenlly, Newport, 15 years ago, and has since grown to be an independent youth arts organisation. They engage, support and empower young people and communities. Through interconnected services and partner organisations, Urban Circle is able to provide targeted and flexible services across a variety of platforms from performing arts to creative media. 

In the past year, Urban Circle organised one of their biggest projects: the international festival ‘Reggae and Riddim’. The overall aim of the festival was to forge solid global partnerships that will have positive impacts on all participants and those involved. Urban Circle aimed to break down barriers and prejudice around Jamaican culture and identity to help inform and educate communities, to bring a true representation and exploration of the culture, identity and history. 

A team from Jamaica was joined by Urban Circle’s young creatives within the Youth Management Team, who at the ages of 18-25 also had their art (be it painting, media, film, dance, music, spoken word) showcased at the festival, to an audience of 4,000+ attendees over two days. 

“To have an event of this nature and size in our hometown and not in the capital was a massive achievement for us. Wales has never had a festival or event dedicated to showcasing the arts and culture of Jamaica and the Windrush community. Interconnecting all of us in the stories and history of the first journey from Jamaica to Wales and how this has affected and empowered generations ever since.” Danielle Webb, Urban Circle Newport 

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