Launched in 2019 in partnership with Manchester Sands (Stillbirth and Neo Natal Death Charity), Still Parents is The Whitworth’s ongoing programme to support those who have experienced baby loss. 

Volunteer-led but under the guidance of professional artists, a monthly workshop encourages participants to collectively explore their experience through art and creativity. The sessions create a safe space where bereaved families can feel supported by a community that understands.

In September 2021, the exhibition Still Parents: Life After Baby Loss opened at The Whitworth. The first exhibition of its kind, its aim was to break the wall of silence that continues to surround baby loss, and become a platform to share personal stories and open up conversations. Every aspect of the exhibition has been informed by the project participants, from content and curation to interpretation.

"Because of this group, my husband and I have been able to share this grieving and healing process together in a creative and productive way which helped us open up to each other about our own personal feelings about our loss. This group has changed my experience of loss and brought me a level of peace that I’m not sure I would have found otherwise." Still Parent participant

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