The Sunday Boys is an open-access LGBTQ, low-voiced choir based in Manchester. Partnering with Meraki, a relatively new female voice choir based near Stockport, singers created and performed a 40-minute musical work entitled ‘Stay as long as you like’, in seven different vocal parts. 

The theme of the collaboration was the importance of platonic friendships and was arranged for mixed voice and small orchestra. Members of both choirs shared stories and experiences to shape the words and music of the piece. Most of the participants said singing with an orchestra for the first time was a highlight of the experience.  

In the style of a large-scale classical cantata or oratorio, the piece explores the lived experiences of marginalised groups. It offered a different perspective on being LGBTQ+ by inviting reflections from a predominantly non-LGBTQ+ group through conversation and discussion.

“Our project demonstrates that co-created work can impact positively on communities and diversify the repertoire that choirs can perform.” Michael Betteridge, The Sunday Boys

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