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Celebrating the achievements of community-led creative groups

The Creative Lives Awards celebrate the creative groups that enhance people's lives in villages, towns, and cities across the UK and Ireland. Since 2010, we've invited community-led groups to share their activities and achievements, so that we can give you a well-deserved moment in the spotlight.  

Our Award winners all use creativity to bring people together. Groups might take part in singing, dancing, painting, crafting, performing, playing music, or any other creative activity. All of them provide vital opportunities for people to find community, express their creativity, make friends, learn new skills, boost their wellbeing - and have fun together!

The 2024 Creative Lives Awards are now open for entries!

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Please read our rules and guidelines, and check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), before you start filling out your application form. 

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You can either complete your application form online, or by downloading the form and returning it to us via email at [email protected]

The closing date for applications is 11.59pm on Monday 13 May 2024.

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A Celebration of Humanity

Want to learn more about the Creative Lives Awards? You can read about some of our previous winners below and the wonderful work they do, or check out a list of our recent winners here. We hope they will inspire you to tell us all about your group!

The Roaming Poets

Based in Staffordshire, the Roaming Poets are a group of writers who take to the streets to share their passion for poetry.

Their project ‘Telepoetry’ was a response to the excessive screen time and digital divides of the first lockdown, sharing poetry using telephones rather than laptops and iPads. 

The project involved creating short ‘text’ poems (160 characters) and then on ‘Telepoem Thursday’ (in May 2020), people were encouraged to share their own poem or favourite poem with someone via phone or text. The Telepoetry phone line could be called to hear pre-recorded poems, record your own poem or speak to a poet live. All run voluntarily by nine roaming poets.

"Through the Telepoetry project, we aimed to create an accessible, auditory poetry experience between strangers, family or friends." Gabriella Gay, Roaming Poets

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