* Creative Lives Awards 2022 - Ireland Runner-up *

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The Kindness Postbox began in April 2021 in Enniskillen, with the aim of connecting children and elderly care home residents through cards, letters and drawings.

A child-sized postbox was placed inside a local shop for two weeks and pupils from a nearby school dropped mail into it, which was then delivered to a care home. Different schools then began to host the box on-site and were paired up with their local care home. 

Word soon spread, and shortly after the schools got involved, other organisations began to ask if they could take part, too - and the Kindness Postbox has grown and grown. Each organisation has also created a partnership with their local Men's Shed to build their postboxes, and takes ownership of their project.

“Our project is a simple but effective way to establish and maintain a connection between young and old in the community," says Nuala O'Toole from The Kindness Postbox. "A volunteer delivers and collects the postboxes, records the mail and delivers the mail to care homes. To date, our unfunded volunteer-led group has delivered 15,054 items of mail, reaching some 12,000 residents.” 

[Pictured L to R: Tom Doyle, Creative Lives; Nuala O'Toole, The Kindness Postbox; Rachael Campbell Palmer, Creative Lives; Wendy Kerr, The Kindness Postbox]

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