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The Cube Microplex is a cinema and community art space in Stokes Croft, Bristol. It operates as a non-profit cooperative and is entirely staffed by volunteers.

Since opening in 1998, The Cube has hosted international and local artistic and cultural events including films and music performances. It also acts as a focal point for Bristol’s creative cultural community, providing free rehearsal and performance space for an improvisation orchestra and regular low-cost screening opportunities for experimental filmmakers. Because of its not-for-profit focus, The Cube is also able to provide a platform for artists to try out new material and to give voice to the marginalised. The building includes a 105-seat auditorium, as well as a bar serving local and ethical products, including their own Cube Cola.

It runs a cinema membership scheme, with lifetime membership costing just £1, which is run and managed by volunteers. There are regular induction sessions for new volunteers with tours of the facilities, providing more information and answering questions. To find out more visit

In December 2013, a fundraising project to buy the freehold of The Cube's building was successful in reaching its £185,000 target. On 1 April 2014 the Cube officially became owned by Microplex Holdings Ltd, a non-profit Industrial and Provident Society and Community Land Trust (CLT) set up by Cube volunteers whose charter is to secure and maintain the freehold of the Cube Cinema as a community arts space in perpetuity.

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As Graeme Hogg, one of the original founders of the Cube, explains: 

“The Cube was a mad idea hatched in mad times by a group of rogues who had no idea what they were doing. Our only strength was an unswerving conviction in our own reality. In the late 1990s and perhaps even still now, the world was run by managers, financiers, people who can talk the talk and people who by and large were professional. 

“We were none of those things. Everything in the Cube’s history has been both a mystery and a miracle. Starting in the first place. Surviving the first year. Surviving a fire. Buying the building. Everyday is a crisis of staff (no one volunteering) and a miracle (when people make the show go on). If there was something erudite and comprehensive, short and meaningful that could summarise what the Cube is, it almost certainly won’t be written by ourselves. Because, it's chaos. And we are in chaos. But chaos is the raw material of life and if you let go and ride with the flow it sets you free.”

Alongside film screenings, live theatre and music events, there are also regular Bluescreen events, a regular event where short films made by Bristol based amateur and professional filmmakers are screened.  

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Volunteer Steve Bluescreen explains:

“Bluescreen came into being 21 years ago, as The Blue Screen. At the time, there weren’t many places where local filmmakers making short films could screen their films, so the Cube decided to start a night and call it The Blue Screen, and opened their doors to fledgling filmmakers from Bristol on the 26th April 2001.

“At first, people would send their films in and a programme was put together. Then the night built up a regular audience, full of filmmakers and filmwatchers and was going so well that a few years later, we decided to let filmmakers bring their films in on the night and at some point The Blue Screen became Bluescreen. And the rest is history…. and years later we are still here and still showcasing local filmmakers’ films!

“Then a few years ago Covid hit and having never cancelled a screening, we decided to switch to online screenings or streams and Bluestream was born! Same ethos as Bluescreen, we showed everything we received, within reason and we tried to keep as much of bluescreen as we could, even down to recording Bluescreen Hi-Fi DJing mixes and featuring old videos from the Cube Orchestra.

“Now in 2022, we are back at the Cube and it is really great to be back and mixing up the best bits of Bluescreen and Bluestream –  screening films in the auditorium and streaming the films online at the same time. And of course without the steady stream of filmmakers of Bristol who continue to showcase their films with us, there would be no bluescreen or bluestream, so thank you Bristol Filmmakers.”

There is an ongoing open call for films of up to 20 minutes in length from Bristol based amateur and professional film-makers, contributors are asked to send in films in a digital Mp4 format. To find out more visit,12011

The Cube also runs regular BabyCinema screenings most Wednesday mornings, where parents/carers with young babies (up to 1 year) can enjoy a movie in the company of other parents and their offspring. The Cube provides an area for prams, baby changing facilities, lowered movie volume and extra lighting in the auditorium.

The Cube also supports and provides a regular space for Cables & Cameras to run events and activities. Cables & Cameras aims to create a hub for Bristol based POC (People Of Colour) filmmakers and creatives, both amatuer and professional to showcase their short films/sizzler reels, enabling a platform where filmmakers can discuss, share and debate ideas. Creating this space also opens up opportunities to collaborate and network with other like-minded POC creatives. 

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The Cube is available for hire and can be booked to put on private screenings, public meetings, rehearsals, conferences, music, festivals, etc, and they also have extensive search facilities available to book films.

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