The Ballantrae Trust works in partnership with the Ayrshire Rural Touring Network and Driftwood Cinema to bring theatrical performances, music and cinema to the village every month. Villagers have been developing their skills as “front of house” and “behind the scenes” staff. 

Andy McAlpine, Chairman of the Trust said “Our volunteers have learned how to set up and dismantle the cinema equipment and we help touring theatre companies to unload and set up and then dismantle at the end of the show.  We are fortunate in that a couple of our villagers are skilled in sound and lighting.  But we are keen to expand our team, particularly with young people who are interested in learning the skills.”

The Trust holds events in Ballantrae Community Hall and Ballantrae Church.

For more information or to get involved, visit the Ballantrae Trust's Facebook page or email: [email protected]

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