Take A Part Carlow

Take A Part Carlow has been encouraging participation in arts activities in the area around the Tullow Road in Carlow for several years with great success.

The Arts Action Group was gearing up for some major events and projects when the lockdown was announced across Ireland in March 2020. They quickly adapted to the circumstances with the local community sharing songs and poetry through Take A Part Carlow’s Facebook page.

This was a first step into a new way of working and they soon devised ways to keep in contact and stay creative through a series of remote projects that made use of everything from local radio to social media, to encourage locals to try a range of different artforms and showcase their work through Take A Part Carlow.

New and existing partnerships helped to engage new participants and the group approached the pandemic restrictions as a way to challenge and innovate their arts practice.

"Volunteers and community members developed new skills and new approaches to making art, staying creative and connected through online platforms, print media and outdoor activities when allowed. We also embraced the opportunity to engage with and support other community groups and organisations, allowing us to build links and relationships to strengthen our work for the long term." Aileen Nolan, Take A Part Carlow

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