A new resource for organisations who want to do more to support everyday creativity

Two people in silhouette with their arms and legs outstretched, in front of a bright rainbow lightArts Council England commissioned Audience Agency and the Centre for Cultural Value to create a resource for organisations thinking about doing more to support 'everyday creativity' in their communities. Supporting Everyday Creativity was developed in collaboration with Creative Lives, 64 Million Artists, Fun Palaces, Crafts Council, and Libraries Connected.

The resource is in two parts: the first part, 'Understanding Everyday Creativity' delves into the nature of everyday creativity, distinguishing it from professional arts and emphasising its significance in individual well-being and self-expression. It underscores that everyday creativity is about self-directed and self-organised activities that are not mediated by creative professionals or institutions.

The second part, 'Supporting Everyday Creativity' offers insights on how organisations can effectively nurture this form of creativity. It provides advice, case studies, and a practical framework that includes tips and strategies to facilitate and encourage everyday creative in communities.

Read Supporting Everyday Creativity here