Stitching Together have recently published Stitching Together Good Practice Guidelines to provide advice for facilitators of participatory textile making workshops and projects, including professional textile practitioners, artists, academic researchers, people working within museums and galleries, community activists and amateur enthusiasts.

Stitching Together Good Practice Guidelines

Structured via four principles and eight sections of guidance, the publication aims to highlight all the aspects of a participatory textile making project that need to be considered in order for it to work well from the point of view of the participants, the facilitator and any partner organisation or funder.

The Stitching Together research network brings together researchers, professional textile practitioners, project commissioners and enthusiast textile maker groups to develop improved critical understandings of participatory textile making – making textiles with others – as an emerging methodological approach used in cross-disciplinary research.

Find a digital copy of the document on the Stitching Together website.

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