Do you want to bring life back to a stalled or vacant space in your area, such as an underused green space or piece of derelict land? The Stalled Spaces Scotland toolkit offers some great advice on how to get started and get your project off the ground.

Stalled Spaces Scotland was a Legacy 2014 programme commissioned by the Scottish Government and delivered by Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) to facilitate the temporary use of under-used green spaces, stalled development sites or vacant and derelict land in town centres across Scotland. As part of the programme 50 projects in seven local authority areas were supported with funding and guidance, resulting in derelict land being used in a range of creative ways, from community gardens and pop-up cinemas to hosting temporary public art installations. 

In May 2017 A&DS launched the Stalled Spaces Scotland toolkit to share the learning from this programme and help other communities and local authorities to develop their own projects to bring life back into stalled or vacant spaces.

The toolkit covers everything from how to create a constituted group to take your project forward, to tips on finding funding and guidance on how to draw up a land agreement. It also includes some inspiring case studies and project ideas to get you thinking.

Click here to download a digital version of the toolkit or request a (free) printed copy by emailing [email protected]