Creating Ground C.I.C works with women from migrant backgrounds to promote cross-cultural awareness, learning and sharing across different communities in South-East London. They meet once a week at Greenwich West Community and Arts Centre.

In June 2022, Creative Lives took part in a Creating Ground workshop during refugee week celebrations. Through the use of art and drama, Creating Ground gives people a safe space to share their experiences, express their feelings and overcome difficulties through reflection and learning. The energy in the air during this session was palpable.

The workshop we attended was led by Richard Sylvester, a local storyteller and historian. During the workshop, participants explored connecting with nature through sound, printmaking, weaving dream catchers and storytelling. Memories were shared through connectivity both with nature and each other.

“This kind of art activity, using nature materials like leaves, flowers and wood, is so relaxing. Sometimes we remember good memories from our childhood. We can touch the wood and the flowers and see the colour of nature - it’s so beautiful.” - Creating Ground participant

It’s a happy time, it’s a relaxing time, it’s emotional.

"And I remembered many beautiful things that I could not share with my family, as I can not see them at the moment.” - Creating Ground participant

“Growing up in China, it reminds me of Peking forest. One time in the market I saw this one [dreamcatcher] and I always thought how can I make this one? And now I am so happy! I’m so happy. You have a lot of patience teaching me, thank you”. - Creating Ground participant

The value of these spaces, and having an environment such as Greenwich West Community and Arts Centre in which to work was extremely apparent during the workshop. Creating Ground moved into the Greenwich West building in 2017, and Laura Marziale, Director of Creating Ground explains what it means to them:

We are so lucky to have found this wonderful place and so grateful that we could make it our ‘home’.

"The building is beautiful and the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. The location is very convenient for us, as the women we work with live all across SE London and can easily reach us by bus.

“In the future, we would like to build a relationship with the other residents and organisations/groups at the Centre. I think it will be nice to see what we can do together for the benefit of our communities.”

You can follow and support Creating Ground online:

If you're curious to learn more about Greenwich West Community and Arts Centre what's on at and how you can get involved, please read this case study.