Creative Lives is gathering evidence about the issues facing creative groups in the UK and Ireland regarding venues for their activity. 

The importance of finding appropriate community venues is a longstanding issue for voluntary creative groups. 

In late 2021, as people were starting to reconvene after the restrictions of the pandemic, Creative Lives surveyed the voluntary creative sector about the issues facing groups and venues in the UK and Ireland. We found that creative groups were crying out for suitable venues, and we have made it a priority to open up more spaces for creative cultural activity. (You can read our report here.) 

We are now concerned that ever-increasing costs will negatively impact the voluntary creative sector, and may even prevent people from practising their creativity together. 

This short (5 minute) survey aims to build a picture of the current needs and concerns for creative groups regarding the different spaces they occupy. 

You can complete the survey below or here: 

The survey closes at 5.00pm on Monday 23 October 2023.

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