Sitting Rooms of Culture was started during lockdown by four local artists in Coventry. They realised there was an opportunity to help people get creative at home via online workshops on YouTube. They also wanted to encourage people to share and post their own work, so set up a Facebook group.

Two and a half years later they now have over 6,000 members, all local, who share their creative activity. Sitting Rooms of Culture is now also a well recognised brand, which has a physical home in Coventry Market where they run face-to-face sessions.

“We have a wide cross section of volunteers from different ethnicities who work on social media content and moderation, as artist leads, and on marketing and space coordination. Our volunteers have also been given interesting opportunities - most recently to create a Daniel Lismore-style mannequin which is now on tour across Warwickshire galleries.” Heather Davison, Sitting Rooms of Culture 

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