Feeling frustrated by the lack of understanding, or opportunities, for vulnerable adults, a group of adults on the Autism spectrum set up the Swadlincote Asperger’s Society four years ago.

They began The Big Welcome Café - friendly, drop-in art therapy workshops offering others in the area the chance to meet new people and learn new skills.

The group have worked with a range of artists and have worked on projects including various crafts and zine making as well as creating a photography exhibition, a multi-media installation and staging a public performance event.

The group attracts people with a range of disabilities, mental health issues or those who are socially isolated.

Being led by vulnerable adults, they create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. This friendly and supportive environment helps participants to overcome their anxieties and develop their creativity. 

Frequency of rehearsals: Thursday afternoons (weekly)

Creative forms: Music & singing, Textiles, Crafts (pottery, woodwork, etc), Drama & performance, Painting, drawing & visual arts, Dance & movement, Photography & film, Literary (poetry, creative writing & spoken word)

Location: The Old Pressing Shop, Sharpe’s Pottery Museum and TIC, West Street, Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Contact[email protected] 

Website: https://swadaspies.wordpress.com 

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