Riverside Writers, based in Rochdale, Lancashire, began online during the pandemic, doing workshops in creative writing. When lockdowns ended, the group moved to physical meetings in local community rooms, then subsequently to Riverside Library. 

Initially the group was self-funded, then a small grant enabled them to buy equipment including a microphone and stand, and to engage some specialist facilitators from time to time which allowed them to improve the quality of their project.

The group responds to the heritage and culture of their area, exploring traditional community activities including Morris dancing, folk music, clog dancing, rushbearing, brass-banding, reading and writing dialect. This resulted in the publication of an anthology of poetry and short stories called 'As We Were', and a public performance.

Eileen Earnshaw said: “The activities we have undertaken in our group has helped the creativity of our members in that they have a wider understanding of the differing ways their work can be performed and presented to the public. This knowledge gives members confidence in both their writing and performance.” 

You can find out more via their website or follow them on Facebook.

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