No matter who you are, where you are from, what your situation is, if you stumble upon street arts it's for you.

NASA is an independent network of UK street arts practitioners making work in the outdoors. We speak to Gareth Price-Baghurst about what the Association has to offer . . .

How would you describe the National Association of Street Artists (NASAuk) and what it does?

“NASAuk is a volunteer artist run organisation; by artists for artists. It’s a place for all street and outdoor arts makers and shakers to gather, network, share thoughts and skills and find help from the extended network held within its members. 

Our main role is to support artists from varying walks of life and expertise levels in all areas associated with producing and creating work for the streets and outdoors. This is mostly via an annual weekend gathering called ‘For the Love of It (FLOI)’’ where everyone shares food, participates in workshops and generally hangs out.”

Who can join NASAuk?

“Anyone who is specifically in the outdoor arts industry. Mostly, artists find their way to us but there is the odd producer or festival owner in the mix.”

How much does membership cost?

“A varying amount from individual membership starting at  £10 a year, or a company membership that starts at £30 and increases based on how many company members you want in the mix. This also gains you a reduced ticket price for FLOI.”

What are the benefits of joining NASAuk?

“The main benefit is having access to a limitless wealth of expertise and contacts someone will know something and if not, know someone who does. FLOI is a brilliant weekend full of fun, laughter, power, easy comfortable networking, skills sharing, profoundness (!) and energy. 

We are a very broad spectrum of members from all over the UK and celebrate everything street and outdoors. NASAuk also uses the weight of so many members to get things done; when there are problems in the industry, we can respond as a big unit and use momentum to evoke change due to the respect it can command.” 

What are the benefits that come with engaging with street arts?

“The main thing is no matter who you are, where you are from, what your situation is, if you stumble upon street arts it's for you whether there’s a penny or a pound in your pocket, you get the same experience. Street art is incredibly accessible, showcases a massive diversity in backgrounds, abilities, skills, styles and artforms, which can only lead to good things. Street arts allows anyone to see themselves doing something incredible, and promotes art and being outdoors to a massive degree.”

What opportunities are available for artists and creative community groups to take part in NASAuk’s projects?

“The main projects we run are artistic gatherings for skill sharings, including day-long and week-long ‘Labs’. The best way to get involved is to sign up, come along and offer something. Everyone has something to offer and share, even those in the earliest steps of their street arts careers, there will be something you know others don’t, even if it is as simple as ‘how to insta-story’! Everyone who attends the gatherings are all equal, they’ve all paid their ticket price, and will offer, share and gain something. So sign up, turn up and have some fun!”

How can people get in touch and find out more about NASAuk?

“Our website is by far the best way: or contact us at [email protected] and it will reach a few of the steering group.”