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Moon Base ProjectsGenerated through a series of conversations with a group of adults with Learning Disabilities at The Black Box (Belfast), Moon Base provides a safe, positive environment for people to express themselves creatively through the arts. It is an open, democratic space where everyone is welcome. The increasingly popular initiative now attracts an average of 60 people to get involved in various projects weekly. 

Almost every day is reserved for a specific group activity, from Monday’s city walks, to Tuesday’s 'Creating Connections' - a range of visual art, music, drama and storytelling workshops to other activities mixing dance, art, film, poetry sessions and anything in between. Each workshop had an average of 12 people with a Learning Disability of which many are socially isolated. This outlines the importance of volunteers’ communication skills, friendly attitude and commitment. The group's activities have continued even in the context of pandemic-imposed restrictions via digital means and they have been able to work on an international collaboration with ‘The Coffeehouse Project’, New Jersey. 


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