Facebook has seen a rise in creative community groups that meet digitally to share their creativity and develop their passion. We talk to Andrew McVie, founder of Love on the Rocks Scotland - a Facebook group with over 1,000 members who all  love to paint rocks . . .

What is Love on the Rocks Scotland and how does it work?
Love on the Rocks Scotland is a Facebook group set up for anyone who paints and hides rocks in Scotland. In the group people share photos, stories and comment on each others work.

This is how it works... paint a rock, write Love on the Rocks Scotland on the back and hide it! Then make a stranger smile when they find it! If you're lucky enough to be a finder, you may keep your treasure or re-hide it for someone else to find.

What inspired you to set up this Facebook group and how did you go about it?

I set up this group because it brings people together that take part in the hobby and it's a great way for people to share different designs, hints and tips with others.

Why do you think Love on the Rocks has captured people's imagination?

It’s fun and a great hobby that can be done anywhere and as cheaply or as expensively as you like. It's also an activity that the whole family can take part in that gets people out of the house exploring the areas around them.

Have you got any rock painting tips for anyone keen to take part?

Pebbles or rocks found at the beach or when you are out and about work best, or you could buy rocks from the garden centre. I would recommend paints from Poundland as they are easy to use and great value for money. You also need clear varnish to cover the rocks once painted.

Fancy yourself as a pebble Picasso? Join Love on the Rocks Scotland to get in the fun and see some of the mini masterpieces that have been created.

Here's a sneak peek at a few of our favourites from the group . . .