Lost Connections

Lost Connections, the 2021 Creative Lives Awards Wales Runner-up, used craft to bring a community together. The motif of hands symbolised connection and local people were encouraged to partake in textile projects ranging from creating a ‘quilt of friendship’ to a ‘coat of radical kindness.’

About the group

Lost Connections began as a funded project, but developed as an entirely voluntary-run initiative, using creativity to explore connections within the Newport community that were lost during lockdown.

From conversations with families and communities in the local area, it became clear that creative activity could help tackle loneliness and isolation, and that it was important to create a visual time capsule of the past year.

The project used the motif of hands as symbols of connection, alongside stories from participants. Volunteers delivered art packs - which engaged people who couldn’t access the project digitally - shared messages and actively engaged in creating artwork. Products included a collaborative ‘quilt of friendship’, and a ‘coat of radical kindness’. The project is continuing, as the community keeps creating and connecting. 

"There were opportunities for people to share ideas online or in person and develop their ideas. This was particularly important for those that didn’t see themselves as creative, and it gave them confidence to try new things, express their emotions, loss and memories over the past year. It was like therapy and enabled people to have a creative voice." Naz Syed, Lost Connections

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