Scrapstores are a fantastic resource for community groups, schools and creative practitioners who are in need of low cost (but not low quality) arts and craft materials. 

The good news is that there is a growing network of scrapstores across the UK, who work with local businesses to redistribute surplus materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

Each scrapstore is independently managed and accesses their scrap materials in different ways - in some you need to pay an individual membership fee, at others you simply pay for the scrap you take on the day. Many scrapstores also have shops open to the public selling high quality art and craft materials from glue to paintbrushes to complement the scrap.

The range of materials available changes from day to day and could include card, paper, textiles, paint, corks, wool, cardboard tubes, netting, gauze and a thousand other things just waiting to be discovered!

Watch this short video to see a working scrapstore and get a flavour of what to expect . . .

As many as 80,000 community groups are already benefiting from the exciting and varied resources offered by their local scrapstore . . . so what are you waiting for!

Visit the Reuseful UK website for a directory of scrapstores across the UK.