In April 2024, two Scottish local groups came together to share experience and knowledge to better support their members. These were the Aberdeen Ethnic Minority Women's Group (AEMWG) and the African, Caribbean, Asian, Mixed Heritage Association (ACAMHA) based in Inverness and surrounding areas. 

The Groups

ACAMHA organises music, dance, storytelling, language and community development events for its members. In addition to this, since the end of 2023, the group has worked with health and financial professionals to empower community members. ACAMHA’s objective is to educate, promote and connect local communiAfrican, Caribbean, Asian, Mixed Heritage Associationties and ethnic minority communities to encourage, embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of equality, diversity, equity, acceptance and belonging. 

AEMWG organises storytelling and community development events for their members around the topics of intergenerational therapy, women’s empowerment and educational and social equality. This group formed in March 2024 and became a community interest company in May 2024. Many members of this group had interactions with the Grampian Regional Equalities Council (GREC). 

Since 2022,  Phoenix Archer from Creatives Lives has supported both groups by sharing research, policies and community development opportunities. She has attended ACAMHA events, and members of this group have also attended Creative Lives' regular Creative Network: BIPOC Community-Led Creatives Support Group.

The Exchange
Phoenix attended the meetings supporting AEMWG and informed them that ACAMHA had similar objectives and group origins, and suggested that the leaders of each group talk to one another. 

Both leaders thought it would be great to get together at a group meeting and share ideas and ambitions. At the end of April 2023, AEMWG met to discuss aims and objectives and to plan future creative events.

Phoenix said: "The exchange was unusual and inspiring. Unusual because you rarely hear about groups in different locations collaborating and sharing knowledge purely for altruistic reasons and not to gain a prize or financial gain. The Aberdeen group had much to learn from the Inverness group and the Inverness group reflected on all the great things they have done over the past few years."  

Since the groups came together, AEMWG has made plans to collaborate with healthcare and climate change professionals, including North East Scotland Climate Action Network and Friends of the Earth Scotland, to host creative learning, climate change and storytelling events. Building on the advice from Creative Lives and AEMW, ACAMHA is planning more creative and intergenerational events in the near future focusing on themes of mental health and wellbeing.

“It was so nice to listen to the great work that African, Caribbean, Asian, Mixed Heritage Association has done so far. It gave us the confidence that we could do similar things with our new group.” Member of Aberdeen Ethnic Minority Women's Group

“I forget how much we have done in terms of supporting each other, being inclusive of families and preserving our heritage. This meet-up was a reminder of our hard work.” Member of African, Caribbean, Asian, Mixed Heritage Association

For more information on Aberdeen Ethnic Minority Women's Group CIC, please visit their website.

To find out more about the African, Caribbean, Asian, Mixed Heritage Association please visit their website