Below is a list of creative activities and ideas shared with members of the Llanrumney Hub Monday Meet-up group. Since March 2020, the group have been meeting online, supported by Cardiff Council's Independent Living Services

1. Postcards from Home

Create a postcard (about 4in by 6in) depicting something that represents home. 

2. Colour Emotions

The idea is to try and represent an emotion with colour. 

  • Choose one colour to represent an emotion 
  • You can create a painting or drawing of something, like a view from a window or an object; or you could just use the colour to make abstract marks. 
  • If you don’t have paints or colours at home, that’s OK: can you find something else to use? Any leftover household paint? Tea or coffee? Make up? Mustard or ketchup or soy sauce?
3. Found Poetry 

This is about finding interesting words and turning them into a poem. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. With a newspaper or magazine, get a pen and circle the words you find interesting. Then connect the circles with lines, and this becomes your poem. 
  2. Cut out interesting words from a newspaper or magazine. Then rearrange them into a poem. 
4. Self Portrait

For this activity, you will need a pen or pencil, a piece of paper and a mirror.

Draw a self portrait without looking down at your page. It can be helpful to use a single line. 

5. My Creative Time

What does your creative time mean to you? Has creative activity been important to you during lockdown? 

Write a poem exploring your thoughts about being creative during this time of pandemic. 

6. Origami Bird

Follow the steps in this document to create an easy origami bird. 

7. Paper Snowflakes

You will need a square piece of paper. Follow the steps on this website to create a series of paper snowflakes as Christmas decorations.  

Other Resources

Get Creativeis a campaign that encourages people to try their hand at something new and creative. This year, we are using the #GetCreativeAtHome campaign to highlight some of the amazing creative activities that are being developed to help people to express themselves creatively during a time of unprecedented change.

Treasury of Arts Activities for Older People50 activities, long and short, for use in any setting with older people.