During the Covid-19 pandemic, it became more apparent than ever just how much having access to creative activity meant to people.

Groups that were unable to meet in person found myriad ways to keep the connection going, recognising just how important it was to their members. 

It also exposed existing inequalities in terms of digital access - but also brought to light just how much accessing activity online could help those previously excluded from taking part. 

Creative Lives wanted to capture all of this during this very special (and incredibly challenging) moment in time. 

We recruited Amy McTurk, a PhD student at the University of St Andrews, through funding from the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities. Between February - September 2021 (part-time), Amy carried out research into the impact of the pandemic on voluntary creative groups - and interviewed people from across Scotland, the UK and Europe.

The result is 'Culture During Covid: Examining in the impact of the pandemic on the voluntary arts sector' an extensive research report and podcast, which you can read or download below. It features seven interviews with creative groups, both written and recorded.

Moving forward into the future, we can all do more to be more inclusive and flexible to ensure more people can join in this fundamental part of life - being creative. 

We hope you find Amy's report and podcast helpful and inspirational as we move into the 'new normal'.

Podcast (featuring interviews with six creative groups): https://anchor.fm/creativelives/episodes/Culture-During-Covid-e17la78

The research report and case studies are available to download (8.66MB) or you can read the interactive digital copy via ISSUU.

Our thanks to the following groups for giving their time and sharing their experiences with us: