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The ‘Creative Voices’ project began in response to the effects of the Covid-19 lockdowns, where isolation, anxiety and a decline in mental health and well-being were being experienced by adults with learning disabilities. The project took place at L’Arche Village in Belfast and involved sessions such as working with reclaimed wood and making art from recycled items to produce beautiful pieces of jewellery and ‘trash art’. 

As the participants require support to take part, volunteers from the local community gave their time and allowed the project to work. At the end of the sessions, an exhibition was held in a nearby facility to showcase their hardwork and creativity. The project also inspired participants to create art at home, often bringing in their creations the following week to show everyone, prompting discussion and appreciation of the creations.

“The participants thoroughly enjoyed each session, being back in contact with their friends and also the therapeutic aspect of the creativity helped focus on something else other than the restrictions that had been in place for so long. Our participants communicate in a variety of different ways, some are non-verbal, so creative sessions like these are an incredible outlet to express themselves.” Gillian Vance, L’Arch Belfast

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L'Arche Belfast s are on the shortlist for the Creative Lives Awards 2022. Support this group in the competition for the People's Choice Award!

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