Based on the Island of Hoy in Orkney, Hoy Youth Hub runs weekly sessions for 12-18-year olds. Lead Youth Worker, Nicola Budge tells us how they made great use of a 'Keep on Creating' microgrant . . .

"We applied for the Creative Lives microgrant with the hope of being able to have art supplies available at all sessions. We talked to the young people to find out what art supplies they wanted to use, and this was a catalyst for much exciting discussion and funny ideas!

We purchased acrylic paints, watercolour paints, drawing pencils, paper, canvases, jewellery kits, felting kits, crochet kits, clay and a mini potter’s wheel, diamond art and cross stitch kits - all of which have been thoroughly investigated and used. Some have been used so much they have run out and we have had to buy more!  This has led to requests for more things they would like to try, which we will be organising once we have funding for them. 

What was so fantastic about this, was that we were able to put all the equipment out at each session and let the young people have a go as and when they wanted, without pressure or set tasks. They were able to create whatever they wanted, and the engagement level was amazing. Everyone, from the oldest to the youngest came and had a go and they were all happy at the end.

Another amazing part of this grant was that it was entirely driven by the young people - what they wanted to try and what they wanted to create. It has sparked imagination and ideas for future projects, cemented their bonds and shown them that we take them seriously and their voices are heard.

As we were relatively newly set up when we applied, the benefit we have received covers so many aspects of our group activities, not just the hoped-for aim of supplying art supplies to engage their creativity. Thank you to everyone at Creative Lives for this opportunity."