Founded in 2014, Hidden Door is a volunteer-led arts charity based in Edinburgh. It hosts a multi-arts summer festival in an empty or disused urban space in the capital featuring new and emerging artists. The scale, ambition, and reputation of the festival have grown, but it remains volunteer-run and led with a core team of around 50 volunteers working all-year round. 

In June 2022, they hosted their biggest event yet at the Old Royal High School, showcasing 564 artists, including 96 music acts and 33 visual artists. The building had been mostly empty since the former school closed in the 1960s and a team of volunteers helped bring it back to life for a ten-day festival of live music, visual art, dance, theatre, and spoken word. 

“As the model of Hidden Door is very dynamic, with our spaces changing every year, community engagement and access are key to our process. Many volunteers return year after year, and several join our organisational team. 

"Volunteering to be part of the team is open to everyone and we advertise as widely as possible to ensure our team represents a broad and diverse demographic. We also structure our teams to ensure a valuable experience that is positive and enjoyable.” Eleanor Styles, Hidden Door

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