Heritage Theatr CymruHeritage Theatr Cymru started in 2018 as an all-female performance group specialising in heritage stories that celebrate the women of Wales. Since then, the Brecon-based group has grown to include an all-male group. Involvement in both groups is voluntary, and any profits from tickets is donated to a variety of charities linked to the themes of their plays.

The groups are currently creating work exploring issues of masculinity, mental health, criminality, identities, relationships, gambling, class, power and unemployment. They have also run workshops in creative writing, mindfulness, design and a range of theatre-making practices such as acting, choral work, music, sound and design.

“All of our scripts are brand new,” says Arlene Pryce of Heritage Theatr Cymru. “Our research is conducted using heritage archives from museums, art galleries, newspapers, diaries, ancestral sources and records from the National Library of Wales and the Home Office. This is a specialised activity with creative development as its key aim, where those with skills in theatre work closely with researchers and vice versa.”

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