We are a community music street band that has absolutely no barriers to participation in practice and performance, in terms of age, ability or finance.

Someone who has just started can join us in performance. There are 30-40 members of the band, some are highly proficient, some are not able. We are relatively successful and performed 80 gigs last year.

We encourage audience participation at every gig and do workshops in creating, performing and enjoying community music and team building. Our ethos is one of total inclusivity, which means that whole families often get involved, we have had three generations at one stage.

We provide all the equipment and tuition for free, which is subsidised by workshop and gig fees. We have a large drum section and significant wind section. We have a minibus and provide free transport to gigs and practice. We are an informal community voluntary group. Anyone can join as we have virtually unlimited supply of drums and a good supply of wind instruments. We have recently bought Pbones and Phorns, which being plastic are much lighter and easier to handle than brass.

We meet on Tuesday evenings and many weekends at Hilton Community Centre, Hilton Road, Aberdeen.

For more information and to join us, visit www.streetdrummers.org.uk or our Facebook page.

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