Grow Your Own CinemaPeople have been coming together to watch films for over a hundred years - but where and how we watch those films can make a big difference. Community cinema is about shared experiences -  it's about sitting in a communal space and experiencing life through the medium of film.

These communal experiences are not limited to film - many community screenings involve additional elements such as live music, guest speakers, food and other forms of entertainment. Halls used for community cinemas are often specially decorated for the occasion to create a welcoming atmosphere, and audiences can be invited to join in the decision-making process about which film is screened next.

If you think these kind of screenings would benefit your local area, click here to find out how to set up your own community cinema. You'll find lots of useful information and tips from those who know best - people just like you who have already set one up. 

All of the Grow Your Own Cinema resources were born out of a year-long project run by Creative Lives and Cinema For All, and delivered by Project Officer, Morvern Cunningham.