Alison Gildea of Grey Matters Active Ageing in Helensburgh tells us how a 'Keep on Creating' microgrant from Creative Lives helped the group to re-build connections through Lego Art.

"We were absolutely delighted to be awarded a Keep on Creating grant from Creative Lives. 

At Grey Matters Active Ageing we are a creative bunch of older people, holding a myriad of creative groups and activities each week.

As we recover from the effects of Covid restrictions and lockdowns our creativity has strengthened our relationships and our mental health. We have explored lots of different arts and crafts but a firm favourite has been Lego Art.

Using Lego dots we have been able to create wonderful works of art and we have recreated some popular art pieces. The beauty of these art pieces is it is a group activity, where members all take a square and bring them all together to see the bigger picture.

Working together this way brings people together too, working as a team to produce something they can all be proud of! There’s lots of laughter which is not only good for the soul of those taking part but also for the rest of us in the Active Ageing Centre!

The medium is something people associate with childhood brick building and it brought back lots of happy memories of family times with their children for members. However, the results produced are a far cry from simple block buildings!

Thank you for this grant - we have built artwork and we have rebuilt social connections brick by brick."