Grand Northern Ukulele Festival put on a big, friendly, fun festival each year right in the middle of the UK.

They aim to inspire folks to have a great time while connecting with other people. They bring together inspiring artists and makers from across the world to show and share what they do. The ukulele is a key tool to inspire enjoyment of a wide range of music and creative activities.

They have a history of producing top-quality activities for audiences spanning a wide range of ages and demographics. They have received multiple awards. They were named the, “Best Ukulele Festival” from the UK’s UKE Magazine. In recognition of the impact our work has on communities, they have received a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and The Epic Award for England from Voluntary Arts.

There is scope for you to come along as a festival-goer, to apply to perform, to join our team of volunteers and more.

When does the activity normally take place? Annual festival that takes place on the 2nd weekend in May. 

Creative forms: Music & singing, Photography & film, Literary (poetry, creative writing & spoken word), There's music to see and take part in. You can sing. There are workshops where you can learn to write a song or to take a photo or make an instrument (and more).

Locations: Huddersfield

Contact:[email protected]


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