A range of local and national organisations have come together to help Google deliver Scotland’s first high street ‘Google Digital Garage’ in Edinburgh, and FREE digital skills training programme in Glasgow.

This initiative is part of the 'Grow with Google' programme, which launched in 2015 with the aim of boosting digital skills across Europe to help more people find a job, grow their business or simply become more confident online. In Scotland, project partners include the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Glasgow Libraries, Business Gateway and Upskill Digital.

Google Digital Garage provides free in-person training and one-to-one coaching that covers topics such as cyber-safety, spreadsheets for beginners and how to build a digital marketing plan. Although the Google Digital Garage doesn't explicitly make reference to charities and community groups on its website, much of the training is relevant if you are involved in organising or running a voluntary group or project, and even better - it's free to access! 

Hannah Leiper of Upskill Digital explains:

"Whilst not created specifically for charities there are lots of elements of the Digital Garage training that is applicable, whether that is courses on how to build a simple website – which can be essential for a charitable organisation trying to fundraise and communicate its mission. The Digital Garage also offers group and 1:1 training tailored to your specific problem or need."

All the training is delivered by experts and takes place at the Edinburgh Google Digital Garage at Shandwick Place or in pop-up locations across Glasgow. You can also request group training to be delivered in your venue if more convenient - for more details, click here

So if you are need help getting to grips with digital or are confident online but keen to upskill and see how you and your group could be making more of the digital tools available to you, take a look at the Google Digital Garage website for more information on the training available.

To get in touch with the Google Digital Garage team, contact [email protected] or 020 38 209 385 / 020 734 6 2022.