Glasgow Script ExchangeScott Lyons of Glasgow Script Exchange tells us how a 'Come on in' microgrant from Creative Lives helped the group to welcome writers from a variety of backgrounds into the fold.

"We are immensely grateful for the support and funding provided by Creative Lives to our writer's group, Glasgow Script Exchange. This support has allowed us to nurture a vibrant and supportive community for emerging writers in Glasgow. Our group has been making a tangible impact, and we are excited to share the progress we have made.

Writers from diverse backgrounds and experiences have come together to read and share their written works. The atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie is palpable during these sessions. To further enhance the experience, we have provided food and refreshments, creating an inviting and warm environment where connections naturally form.

Additionally, we have offered goodie bags filled with writer-related gifts, including a special tote bag generously donated by the Glasgow Short Film Festival. These gestures have not only made our events memorable but have also served as tokens of appreciation for our members.

In a significant development, our group has been offered space by a major film body here in Glasgow, a recognition of our efforts and a testament to the positive impact we are having on the local writing community. 

The feedback from our writers has been resoundingly positive. Many have expressed how our gatherings have provided a much-needed opportunity to escape the isolation of writing in solitude and connect with like-minded individuals. They are eager to continue meeting, discussing and sharing their work.

In conclusion, we have strengthened a growing community, provided a platform for writers to share their craft, and alleviated feelings of isolation. We are excited to expand our reach, welcome more newcomers, and continue our mission of nurturing Glasgow's emerging writing talent. Thank you for believing in our vision and contributing to its success."