What? Get The Chance is a social enterprise based in South Wales, working to create opportunities for a diverse range of people to experience and respond to sport, arts, culture and live events.

Get The Chance uses its online magazine website as a platform to showcase its activity. The website content will feature workshop activity and outcomes, reviews, editorial features and much more. Our website is a platform for our members to share, discuss and evaluate their personal responses with their networks and the wider world.

Get the Chance is the host organisation for members of Young Critics Wales, Community Critics Wales and 3rd Act Critics to host their activity and feedback.

Where? We tend to operate online and through email and social media platforms. 

When? If someone wants to review an activity they just get in touch with our Director. We also frequently email our members with information on events they can review. 

Further info: For further information or to take part contact project coordinator Guy O’Donnell on [email protected]

Website: http://getthechance.wales/

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