Aberdeen University Swing Dance Society is a group of Swing and Blues dance enthusiasts, who work hard to ensure visitors and members have a great time.

The society runs weekly classes during term-time, two annual weekend workshops, and weekly social dances, as well as staging performances and a long-running festival.

The organisers are committed to welcoming anyone who wants to join, both students and non-students, complete beginners or advanced dancers.

Whether you're looking for a place to dance and socialise every once in a while, or want to improve your dancing as much as you can, their door is open.

For more information about the Aberdeen Swing Dance Society, visit http://auswingsoc.wixsite.com/aberdeenswingdance

In 2017, we sent poet Polly Atkin (pictured) to spend an evening with Aberdeen University Swing Dance Society.

You can read the poem, 'Swing & Blues' Polly was inspired to write afterwards here.

Here's what Polly had to say about her visit:

“I found AUSDS to be a group that went out of its way to be welcoming and accessible, and was surprised to find myself comfortable not just watching, but taking part, in both a beginners swing class and beginners blues class.

“As I spoke to the group, I found that for many of them what drew them to swing and blues was not just a love of the music and the style, but a feeling of connection they got from it, both to other people and to their own bodies and minds.

“Many people spoke about how dance helped their mental health, and sense of belonging and community - dance gave them a way to feel comfortable with themselves that they hadn’t found previously.”