Garnock Valley Men’s Shed (GVMS) is a charity that addresses men’s health, loneliness and social isolation in the Garnock Valley locality of North Ayrshire. 

We provide free workshop space and access to free food in a sociable, friendly and welcoming environment designed to encourage men to connect with other like-minded individuals and the wider community.

We encourage men to become more active more often by involving them in a variety of projects that build confidence and promote good health. We tackle loneliness and isolation through providing activities that encourage men to engage with other men and the wider community in an inclusive and safe environment, thereby empowering them to become more capable and resilient.

We are currently in the final stage of our local authority’s community asset transfer process and hope to secure a 25-year lease on the Shed soon. We took over a derelict building, which had no running water, no toilet and a roof which leaked like a sieve, on a temporary occupation licence. Over a two-year period we have transformed it from a liability into an asset. 

All of this could not have taken place without the skills, knowledge and experience of our fantastic team of Shedders who have continually gone above and beyond to make the shed what it is today – a shining example of men who know stuff, who do stuff, and who help other men to build their confidence, improve their mental health and become more socially connected.

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