Phase 2 of Forest Stacks is beginning! Our big idea is to explore the potential of designing and building a round house connecting to the 1600 BC burial urn found in the forest. We want to link the forest to the museum and river.

We are imagining using the resources of the forest to initially construct model fragments of a round house - e.g. the floor, walls, doorway, roof, fireplace - and build & locate these on a trail from the museum, taking in the river, to the old quarry site in the forest where the burial urn was found. We could use old and new local design and building skills highlighting the culture of making and community in the wider Garvagh area.

If these ideas grab you or if you have other better ideas then please come along to our exploratory event:

Saturday 16th February from 12.30 - 4.00 pm
Meeting at Garvagh Community Building
80 Main Street Garvagh

During that time we will go for a walk through the forest to begin finding materials/resources and sites of making, have lunch and then do a little bit of planning in the warmth of the building with a hot chocolate or two and a bun!

Register your interest by contacting:

Karin Eyben
Development Lead
Garvagh People’s Forest Project
Garvagh Development Trust
85 Main Street
Garvagh BT51 5AB

Tel: 07966 202184
Email: [email protected]