For Enjoyment is a group of people coming together to do a quintessentially human thing – be creative for the simple pleasure of it.  

Our emphasis is not the production of a masterpiece, nor the creation of a completed piece of work. Instead, we offer people the opportunity to take time out from their busy lives to rediscover the joy of being creative, printing drawing and exploring photography together.

We believe in creating an atmosphere where people can develop confidence and feel comfortable trying new things. Through use of different media, styles and techniques, participants can break out of their comfort zones. Experimentation in a fun, supportive and positive atmosphere coupled with guidance builds confidence.

The inclusive and supportive workshops with a focus on simply enjoying drawing printing and photography help participants to recognise their own achievements and notice progress over time. We believe that all work is valid, all mistakes are useful, and all energy spent developing creativity is time well spent.  

We believe in creating a safe and secure environment, which will allow participants to grow and progress at their own rate. All contributors are valued for their efforts, regardless of prior knowledge or expertise. Drawing, Photography, Art and Creativity should be accessible to all, and we can make our workshops suitable for anyone. We enjoy the restorative and meditative nature of “the process” and believe that its benefits should be shared with as wide an audience as possible – there are so many who could take advantage of a dose of informal art therapy.

For Enjoyment believes in celebrating the efforts and contributions of all members, through praise and constructive criticism at the end of workshops. We enjoy comparing and celebrating each other’s work. Regular exhibitions for the public allow us to demonstrate what we have achieved.  Due to the friendly and appreciative atmosphere, members can foster new friendships and connections, leading to greater links to the wider community.

We meet mainly in Dumfries but various locations are used throughout Dumfries & Galloway.

For more information, visit our Drawing for Enjoyment Facebook page and Photography for Enjoyment Facebook page.

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