Creative Lives has been commissioned by the Norfolk & Suffolk Culture Board to learn more about the creative health sector across the region.

By 'creative health', we mean any project or intervention that uses the arts (visual arts, music, drama, craft, etc.) to support health outcomes. This can be formal or informal, professional or grassroots.

As part of this process, we're holding a number of focus groups. We want to hear from people working in the sector both as practitioners (freelance or from organisations) and commissioners across all levels.

The overall project aims to:

  • Establish a working definition of good practice 
  • Map the current activity
  • Identify workforce needs
  • Highlight good practice
  • Build strategic alliances

What will we discuss at the focus groups?

  • What creative health projects are happening locally?
  • How are those projects funded or commissioned?
  • Who benefits from creative health in Norfolk and Suffolk and who is excluded?
  • What does success look like for the creative health sector across Norfolk and Suffolk and what is preventing change?
  • What skills and training are needed to improve practice?
  • How can we describe good practice in creative health?

When and where?

How do I register?

There are limited spaces for each focus group. If you'd like to attend, please complete this form at least 4 working days before the session and we'll contact you to confirm your place.

Additionally, please complete this form if you would like your organisation to be included in: the Norfolk & Suffolk Creative Health Mapping database; further project communications; or the Creative Lives mailing list.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Rosa Torr on email: [email protected]