We are a community arts charity based in Belper, Derbyshire since the 1980’s and committed to delivering quality and diverse creative workshops, projects and events.

We work with a wide variety of groups and organisations across the region ensuring arts provision is engaging and inclusive.

  • Workshops

An ever-changing programme of one-off creative workshops tailored to suit specific ages and interests.

  • Projects

We work with a wide range of partners to deliver a diverse participatory arts projects working with all ages and abilities in visual art, music, creative writing and performing arts.

  • Events

A range of events are hosted by Fleet Arts, which include creative well-being experiences, network opportunities, creative happenings, installations and performances.

  • Community support

We offer assistance to local grassroots, community groups/organisations to help them deliver artistic endeavours.

Are you interested in joining us? Please register your interest via email at [email protected] we will get in touch.

More information can be found at www.fleet-arts.org or via our social media pages @FleetArts.